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Rivers under the earth

 I started rehearsing my first performance "Upės po žeme" ("Rivers Under The Earth" play written by Thornton Wilder) Kaunas City Chamber theatre production when I was on the beginning of 3rd acting course at my University (premiere on 2016 December 3). It's a play which is based on family relationship. And despite the fact it was first published on 1997, it could be quite pertinent nowadays. Thornton Wilder speaks mostly about miscommunication among parents and their children. This performance, and all of the next Gytis Padegimas performances I was playing in, are dramatic, characteristic theatre examples. In this performance I have a two roles - little baby boy Tomis and a child Bilis. 

Translation from English – Aivaras Mockus

Director – Gytis Padegimas

Set and costume designer – Birutė Ukrinaitė

Composer – Raimundas Martinkėnas

Choreographer– Indrė Puišytė

Acting: Arnis Aleinikovas, Simona Bladženauskaitė,

Rokas Lažaunykas, Edita Niciūtė, Artūras Sužiedėlis,

Marcelė Zikaraitė

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