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"Reality doesn’t exist until it's observed" (Werner Heisenberg). 

"The only thing that remains constant is change" (Abraham Loeb)

Arnis Aleinikovas (SINUO) is a Lithuanian interdisciplinary artist, mainly working in performing artstheatre, poetry and electronic music. He is a member of several interdisciplinary art organisations and theatres in Europe. From 2022 he is a member of “Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists Association”, from 2023 - a lecturer in Vytautas Magnus University.


Arnis Aleinikovas was born in Kėdainiai, Lithuania in 1995. He graduated from Kėdainiai Music school, language school and Kėdainiai "Atžalynas" gymnasium.

In 2018 Arnis Aleinikovas graduated from theatre and film acting in Vytautas Magnus University (Kaunas, Lithuania) and related studies in "Public Communication". After the graduation, Arnis Aleinikovas was working with Polish theatre director Łukasz Twarkowski, attending contemporary dance, movement, performance workshops with Sanna Blennow, Pichet Klunchun, Eleana Georgouli, Rocio Boliver and many more. In  2019 Arnis Aleinikovas enrolled in Academy of Performing arts in Prague (AMU) Master's study programme "Directing devised and object theatre". He graduated in 2022 with his Master's thesis "I am just cooking: Performative healing in the times of COVID-19 catastrophe".



A. Aleinikovas so far presented his works in the "Grace Exhibition space" (NYC, USA), Stellwerk Galerie in Kulturbahnhof (Kassel, Germany), "Grid Center" (Prague, Czech Republic), "Stanica" (Žilina, Slovakia), Wroclawski Instytut Kultury (Wroclaw, Poland), Teatro do Bairro Lisbon (Portugal), iJuLa - intersektionales Jugendlabor im Veedel in Cologne (Germany), Grad Rajhenburg (Slovenia), Kaunas Picture gallery (Kaunas, Lithuania), "Meno Parkas" gallery (Kaunas, Lithuania).

In 2021 together with Japanese artist Sai Sai, Aleinikovas created a somatic movement performance & audiovisual installation “REST”, which premiered in Prague. Later in 2022 September, it was presented in Kaunas, in VMU "Gallery 101". In the same year, Arnis Aleinikovas presented a theatre play in Lithuanian constructed by AI (Megatron 11-B) - “This address doesn‘t exist“ (actors – Vilma Raubaitė, Donatas Ališauskas, Milda Jonaitytė; text translated in Lithuanian by Dominyka Budinavičiūtė).

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Arnis Aleinikovas was exploring various digital platforms, researching performance through the lens of healing. In 2021 in DISK theatre, together with an international team he created a performative film "PULSE" (idea, directions - Arnis Aleinikovas; dramaturg - Daniel Alberto Victoria; performers - Eglė Šimėnaitė, Mara Ingea, En-Ping Yu, Lara Hereu, Sai Sai), which later was selected by various film festivals in the world. 

In 2020 his performance “Fragmented Realities” (idea, concept, directions Arnis Aleinikovas; performance: Jachym Sura, Sai Sai, Alžbeta Novakova) was presented in "Stanica" theatre festival in Žilina (Slovakia). In 2023 online streaming performance "Fragmented Realities" was presented in JA international theatre festival in Lisbon (Portugal).

In the beginning of 2023 Arnis Aleinikovas presented his interdisciplinary performance "LUCIDITY" that was created during the month-long residency at the Wroclaw Institute of Culture within the EU Magic Carpets platform. The performers of the show participated in the workshops led by Arnis Aleinikovas in Wroclaw, Poland. During the workshops they were able to explore the lucid state through movement techniques including ecstatic movement, automatic writing and long meditative dance in a rave rhythm. In March 2023 movement-based performance "LUCIDITY" was presented in Kaunas "Meno Parkas" gallery.

In a parallel to performing arts, Arnis Aleinikovas has a strong interest in new media, writing and electronic music.

In 2020 Arnis Aleinikovas got the "Art creator status" given by Ministry of Culture the Republic of Lithuania. In 2018 - "VMU honour award for achievements in art" and Lithuania theatre award "Fortuna 2017 diploma".


In 2022 Aleinikovas has started his music career under the name of SINUO.

SINUO, translated from Latin, means "wind" or "curve", from Finnish - "you", and Chinese - "snow". These seemingly unrelated words, nonetheless, aptly describe the music created and produced by the artist Arnis Aleinikovas - personal, ever-changing, and occasionally chilly. His conceptual electronic music navigates between the genres of ambient and techno music, complemented by the thoughts of various philosophers and psychologists, sounds from NASA universe, and personal sounds.

A. Aleinikovas is creating a conceptual electronic music, that could be found somewhere in between ambient and techno music. The first EP "Emergency Exit" was released in 2022 and contains the tracks from the period of 2020-2022. In the debut EP "Emergency Exit" Aleinikovas is mixing a philosopher, cultural theorist Slavoj Žižek thoughts on happiness, original NASA sounds from the Universe, fragments of Carlo Rovelli book "Order of time" and personal, documentary material. In his second full-length album “Perpetual motion” - SINUO is mixing English writer Alan Watts thoughts on separation, politicians interviews on climate change and psychiatrists thoughts on hatred.

Album "SING ME TO SLEEP" (released June 2023)

Album "JUPITER'S MONOLOGUES" (released October 2023) 
Single "INDIGENOUS" (released December, 2023)

EP "DIRECTIONS" (released January 2024) 

Album "Equilibrium" (released June 2024)

EP "L IS NOT FOR" (released July 2024) 

"My focus in playing has not changed drastically through the times I was growing. I am still into it. I still think it's one of the main key in making art and living." Arnis Aleinikovas

"Nothing is ever finished. That something is finished, done, or ended is a figment of the mind. That something is finished propagates an idea of right and wrong, devaluing the infinite variety, possibility, and manner of experience and reality". 

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