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Performance “PULSE” is an inter-disciplinary durational, documentary performance, crossing physical, video and audio installations. It is a sensual experience for the audience working on somatic level through experience. It’s a live, durational installation and its structure is based in movement sequence.

The core of the performance is trust, belonging and care. 

Important part of the performance is confessions of people that have experienced trauma.

Producers - Martina Watzková: Vanda Hejnová: Anna Němcová: 

Idea, directions, choreography - Arnis Aleinikovas 

Dramaturg - Daniel Albert Victoria 
Somatic movement adviser - Viktorija Ambrazaitė 

Supervisor - Viktor Černicky 

Performers - Eglė Šimėnaitė, Mara Ingea, En Ping Yu, Lara Hereu, Sai Sai, Valtteri Alanen 

Composer - Valtteri Alanen  

Set, costumes design - Mara Ingea  
Video installation artist - Ilva Ieva

Artist of “human sound” installation - Egle Šimėnaitė 

Consult in psychology - Evelina Stepšytė 


Premiere - 2021 March 19 DISK theatre, Prague. 

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