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One dream is over (ODIO). In transition

At some point in our lives we need to decide where to draw the line in between "my past self" and "present self". It doesn't necessarily mean that the past stops existing, but it is more like a preparation or a suggestion to not to focus on what has happened, but to look at what it is now and where it is going. "One Dream Is Over (ODIO) In transition" - a hybrid performance, which is drawing the line from the time before to the time after. In the performance we are using documentary material found in the past two years (during the pandemic), mixing them with the audio confessions, minimal, ambient tones and the presence of digital and physical bodies.

Performance is focusing on the state of liminality— a state of transition between one stage and the next and audience is invited not only to see the performance, but also to tune with themselves in this present moment.

Performance created in collaboration with Japanese artist Sai Sai and presented in Kaunas Picture Gallery, 2022.



REST is an installation and my first solo performance based on somatic movement and post-dance principles. 

REST has started it's development in 2019 in Kaunas City Chamber theatre (Lithuania), where together with 8 actors and a dancer Viktorija Ambrazaitė we started working with somatic movement and cellular breathing. Then in the lockdown I tried to expand the practise and did a tryout in WhatsApp application, where two bodies from Japan and Czech Republic were meeting in a some-in-between-digital-space. 

Media, research & performance //// Arnis Aleinikovas

Movement supervisor //// Petra Hauerova 

Support in installation //// Mara Ingea 


Created in Academy of Performing Arts Prague


At the end of 2021 in Prague it was presented as somatic movement performance and installation, which consists of individual, documentary processes on self, the scientific approaches on perception, central nervous system, our skeletons and natural landscapes.


REST is a continual movement practise focusing on minimal, slow movement and cellular breathing*.
This practise in 2021 was applied for more than 200 teenagers in Lithuania and is aiming to expand in 2022. 

*Cellular breathing is happening through a fluid medium (blood, lymphatic system and fascia). As the oxygen has been absorbed through the capillaries in the lungs goes through the bloodstream to be pumped by the heart. The arteries carry the rich oxygenated blood to the periphery where each cell helps in the absorption of oxygen and removal of waste matter, it is through the veins that deoxygenated blood returns to the heart ready to be purified by the next in breath. 

ROOM IN 286/75

ROOM IN 286/75 is a solo, live streaming performance. It's starting point has personal roots and it was made to accompany self and others and to search for new ways to communicate in the covid-19 pandemic that has started in 2020. 
It is a series of live streaming shows, which at the same time worked as a very present research on performing, non-performing, performing for a camera, and "dramaturgy here and now". 

Concept, idea, research, media / / / Arnis Aleinikovas



This is my entrance video for // Academy of Performing Arts Prague on waiting. The task was to get inspired from one of the 7 pictures that was presented from the school.
The one I've chosen will be shown at the end of the video. 
"//////O" focuses on waiting and processes that are happening inside of us while waiting.

Idea, montage, performance / / / Arnis Aleinikovas

Marie Antoinette Walks Down An Elegant Hallway Knowing Everyone Hates Her

"Marie Antoinette Walks Through an Elegant Hallway Knowing Everyone Hates Her" is a performance that explores the images and societal state of rawness. How we have been conditioned to curate our mental and emotional state to be understandable and digestible by others. This is explored through the process of changing clothes to the elegant and restrictive clothing of the rococo period. The action of restricting the body and movement reminds us of how far we have come but also, how much has only changed its appearance and in actuality, remains the same. In the performance, the audience and performers explore just how difficult it is to truly be "raw" in the rococo and modern sense. 

Director Alyssa Dillard

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