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Performance “INSIDE” was created as a part of international project “Young Arts For Queer Rights and Visibility” in Cologne, Germany in collaboration with Stephanie Mösl.

The name itself has several meanings. Being inside your body, being inside the society, being inside the world and universe.
We have chosen to speak about identity and we asked ourselves is it possible to really find it. Is it possible to go deeply into yourself in order to face your truly identity. This performance has two layers. There is an one-shot video layer, which is filmed outside on the dunes and a live performance, which is in a way reflective to the screen. In a performance we use our own bodies as a main material.

How heavy or light is your identity? Can you measure it? 

Actors: Stephanie Mösl and Arnis Aleinikovas

Projected video: Jasper Spobeck

Live performance cameras: Laura Mañé, Yves Sanwidi, Penelope Brachou

Live cameras editing: Laura Mañé

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