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Performance “I’M OK” was created as a part of international project “Young Arts For Queer Rights and Visibility” in Cologne, Germany. The performance “ IM OK” depicts the confrontation one experiences while accepting their orientation or gender identity. It shows how LGBTIQ+ community face internal and external struggles caused by pressure of several factors, including society.  Therefor they mask their experience by saying: “I am not happy, But I am OK”. 

Starting point of this performance was a strong struggling feeling a lot of queer people are still facing nowadays. The material I have chosen to use was a red painting which already has a lot of associations in peoples’ head, high-heals, which presents Queer people and my own body to express those struggles. The live performance itself has two parts and at the same time it’s one idea – always fitting in – this is perfectly hearable in spoken words made by Carina Fernandes.
In the video (made by Francesca Piky Pignanelli, edited by me) we tried to add some common body movements, which are understandable as struggling movements. 


Concept and performance: Arnis Aleinikovas

Spoken Word: Carina Fernandes

Video: Francesca Pignanelli

Music: Mehregan Behrouz and Benjamin Mathieu

Live performance cameras: Laura Mañé, Yves Sanwidi, Penelope Brachou

Editing: Francesca Pignanelli

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 23.31.21.png
Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 23.32.43.png
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