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Fragmented Realities is a performance, specially made for ZOOM platform and three performers. It is researching and reflecting a fragmentation of a reality that we are living in now. Where are you, when you open your phone to check your social media, weather, or email? Could you be in both realities? How do we understand a reality today and how does it change when you are sharing it on ZOOM?

These and other related questions were crossed during the creative process and are there in the performance, which is crossing perception, performing and not performing for a camera, fear, hate, death and dream topics.

"We assume that the past influences the future. That's how we appeared to experience reality. But why can't the future influence the past? Take away the names of past and future if that helps you to think of this concept. So what if the past influences the future and the future influences the past in an endless feedback loop?" 

Concept, directions / Arnis Aleinikovas

Performing / Alžbeta Novakova, Jachym Sura, Sai Sai. 

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