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Performance "APARTMENT" is an interdisciplinary, interactive, durational online streamed performance.  5 performers from different parts of the world will meet in one apartment and will share their presence for 24 hours. 

At that time, in Europe was happening "COVID-19 lockdown pt. 2" and artists had to search for new ways to do art. "My one of the biggest interest right now is to search for new ways to communicate and to relate to each other and make a research on performativity and performative action". - says "APARTMENT" director Arnis Aleinikovas. "Since I was a child I liked to play "SIMS" and this performance has this quality - you (as an audience) can observe their living, talk, influence their being in the presence moment". 

Apart (of two or more people or things) separated by a specified distance in time or space) + ment (forming nouns expressing the means or result of an action) = Apartment (in North American definition) is "a suite of rooms forming one residence; a flat."; 

Performance is blurring the lines in between reality and fiction, is questioning performing and it's meaning, focuses on physicality and relation in between people in the apartment and people behind the screen. 

directions - Arnis Aleinikovas

composer - Valtteri Alanen

performers - Eglė Šimėnaitė, En Ping Yu, Mara Ingea.

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